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Meet Naked Leaf

Helping people and pets discover their best selves, all in the cleanest, greenest way imaginable.

What we aim for

Our goal is simple, but big. Naked Leaf is all about restoring inner balance, and helping people get more from their daily lives. Little-by-little, we believe in making things better.

Naked Leaf 90 day Power Box

What we value

Our range of plant-based health supplements sits at the heart of what we do. We make them for people and their pets.

But our mission doesn’t end there. Our supplements are just one part of the puzzle. We think true balance is found in the bigger picture.

That’s why we’re also committed to providing thought-provoking, educational content that helps our customers find new ways to better their daily lives – from exercise and diet, to mindfulness and beyond...

A bit about our

Founding story

This all started when Heidi was seeking natural health supplements for her own army of rescue animals. Since then, she's assembled a super-skilled team of animal-loving creative thinkers to help turn their Naked Leaf dreams into reality. That team of one may have grown exponentially, but we’re still on the same mission.

One of the original masterminds behind Naked Leaf, Heidi is very much the heart of the company. As well as being our driving force of positivity, Heidi is a literal life saver. Her background in animal rescue includes voluntary and management roles with the South Florida Disaster Relief, The Humane Society for Greater Nashua and several other large and small rescues across the globe. Outside of Naked Leaf, she’s 100% dedicated to her animals. When she’s not riding and caring for her trio of rescue horses, she’s doing her best to wear out the kids and the dogs.

Position Founder

Heidi Whitman

A young Vega was found in an abandoned home in Florida, back in 2007. Now 15, he’s in a much better place – dividing his time between the floor of the Naked Leaf office and the rolling hills of the English countryside. It really is a dog’s life for Vega.

Position Top Dog

Vincent Vega

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Unearth the magic of the Naked Leaf product, and discover what really makes us tick. Find out...

How CBD is Made

Every step of the Naked Leaf journey is conscious, from planting to packaging. Let us walk you through the process.

How CBD Works

Learn about the science behind CBD – why is the endocannabinoid system so vital to our bodies.

How CBD is Used

Find out more about our different strength doses, and how to use CBD to reach your own personal goals.

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