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Humboldt County votes in a ban for hemp growing.

Humboldt County is synonymous with marijuana. The area of northern California has an almost mythical status in the industry as a spiritual home for the crop and it has been grown there due to the almost perfect climate for decades, illicitly and semi-illicitly, then legally in recent times.

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The UK’s FSA talks Tough on CBD

In the UK the FSA (Food Standards Agency) has shocked the CBD market by suggesting it’s going to get tough and start taking products off the shelves as soon as 2021. Big talk from the government agency on a product/sector that’s rapidly growing and providing tax revenue whilst being researched across the globe for its properties. What’s the problem and why are they talking so tough?

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We’re launching a new product…

We have been in the kitchen concocting a new product and we’re pretty sore you’ll like the results. We have been asking questions from our customers and they all had a similar product in mind when we said we wanted to ad to our family or CBD.

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CBD and Trustpilot Reviews

CBD Trustpilot reviews, we’ve all seen them, the industry gets plenty of reviews and for good reason – there are so many CBD businesses out there. So, how do you know whether to trust a new brand or one you haven’t tried before?

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