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How CBD is Used

From aspiring athletes to cheeky Chihuahuas, we’ve got info for the whole Naked Leaf family. Let’s find your CBD sweet spot...

We aim to help you

Take Control

All of our products are formulated with a 30-day supply in mind, based on the suggested amount. But we know that’s not for everybody. If you want to dial it up a notch or ease yourself in, feel free to go at your own pace. A little more, a little less – you’re always in control.

Daily guidelines for:

For Dogs

CBD Daily Drops image

CBD Daily Drops

Each bottle of Daily Drops for Dogs contains a 30ml blend of premium hemp CBD, MCT coconut oil, and organic chicken flavouring. The dropper inside measures 1ml. We’ve included markings to help you administer smaller amounts, or to split their CBD throughout the day. Check the tables below to find the right amount for your fluffy friends.

* Not available in the UK

From Pugs to Beagles, the smallest pooches only need a tiny taste. Our 15mg dropper is designed to help you get their delivery just right.

* Not available in the UK

Weight Dose
<10 lbs 0.25 ml
11-20 lbs 0.5 ml
21-40 lbs 1 ml
40+ lbs 2 ml

The likes of Huskies and Mastiffs take a lot of fuelling. If you’re the one feeding them, you probably know that already. For these bigger boys and girls, we’ve formulated a slightly stronger solution, with 30mg of CBD per 1ml dropper.

* Not Available in the UK

Weight Dose
11-20 lbs 0.25 ml
21-40 lbs 0.5 ml
41-60 lbs 1 ml
60+ lbs 1-2 ml

For Dogs

CBD Soft Chews image

CBD Soft Chews

Our soft chews are a great way to administer CBD to older dogs. Each chew provides 5mg of CBD. That’s about right for most dogs, but feel free to halve, or even quarter, your chews for smaller breeds. Remember that every animal is different. That’s why we recommend starting slowly, and observing what works best for your pets. Check the table below to find the right fit for your pooch.
* Not available in the UK

Weight Dose
<5 lbs 1/2 a chew
6-10 lbs 1 chew
11-30 lbs 2 chews
31+ lbs 3 chews