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How CBD is Used

From aspiring athletes to cheeky Chihuahuas, we’ve got info for the whole Naked Leaf family. Let’s find your CBD sweet spot...

We aim to help you

Take Control

All of our products are formulated with a 30-day supply in mind, based on the suggested amount. But we know that’s not for everybody. If you want to dial it up a notch or ease yourself in, feel free to go at your own pace. A little more, a little less – you’re always in control.

Daily guidelines for:

For Horses

CBD Animal Pellets image

CBD Animal Pellets

Our tasty pellets are designed primarily for horses, but can be tailored for use with little guys, too. One scoop of pellets contains 75mg of CBD. For horses, we recommend two scoops with their morning routine, and another two scoops at night. Check the table below for suggested administrations for other animals.
* Not available in the UK or in California per CDFA ( horses are considered livestock in CA)

Weight Dose
<150 lbs 0.5-1 scoop
Miniature 1-1.5 scoops
Horse 2-4 scoops
Draft 4-8 scoops