The UK’s FSA talks Tough on CBD

In the UK the FSA (Food Standards Agency) has shocked the CBD market by suggesting it’s going to get tough and start taking products off the shelves as soon as 2021. Big talk from the government agency on a product/sector that’s rapidly growing and providing tax revenue whilst being researched across the globe for its properties. What’s the problem and why are they talking so tough?

Apparently, according to the BBC article – linked below “The FSA said producers had been slow to submit their products for approval, forcing it to impose the deadline.’

The CBD industry must provide more information about the safety and contents of these products to the regulator by March 2021, or the products will be taken off the shelves,” boss Emily Miles said.

Here in lies the problem. The data is out there, lots and lots and lots of it. Honestly, there’s numerous research pieces and already all of the CBD market is working around (rightly) stringent rules. However as with anything that’s new, growing and worth billions, there’s cowboys at work and they sully the name of the ones who are playing fair and by the books (Naked Leaf holds hard up).

Each of our products comes with COA ( the little downloadable file about our product, what it contains and why it’s been independently tested) and we’re open to any spot check we need to have. As a CBD company we are regulated and we are fighting payment processors, website builders, the government – basically any and all of the framework that a business needs to set up, is hard work and we’re constantly tested to make sure we are getting things right. If we don’t the repercussions are severe. But that’s fine, we get it and we’re determined to work to make things better in the industry.

All we’re asking for is a level playing field. There are all manner of wildly varying CBD businesses out there. Some adhere to the letter of the law, some don’t. Some are penalised, some are shut down, some move their businesses around to avoid scrutiny, others keep up and adhere to the, sometimes weekly, changes in the regulations (Naked Leaf holds hand up). As a CBD company we’re not allowed to make any claims for what the product does when administered. We adhere to this religiously – others don’t pay it any notice whatsoever and make bold claims. Is it too much for some of the IRE from the government about missed deadlines to be directed towards stopping the the bad companies that tarnish the industry?

Have a look at the BBC article (click here) anyway as it’s informative. We’ll keep on making the most of what we do – Quality CBD delivered to the doors of discerning customers that appreciate the love of the product we add into each bottle produced.


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