CBD and Trustpilot Reviews

CBD Trustpilot reviews, we’ve all seen them, the industry gets plenty of reviews and for good reason – there are so many CBD businesses out there. So, how do you know whether to trust a new brand or one you haven’t tried before?

That’s where Trustpilot should come in, as the public’s first-hand reviews are a great way to see which product might suit you.

However, behind the scenes – many of these reviews are breaking the rules. We as CBD suppliers are not allowed to ‘make claims’ about CBD. So, no matter how they ‘might’ have aided you or anyone else with any ailments, we can’t claim that they have any definitive benefits. This is a blanket rule across the CBD industry, it can’t make any medical claims.

This rule also applies for reviews. In a review, if a customer is making a claim about CBD then you should, by law, take that review down and not allow it to stay posted on your site. Stands to reason that if we can’t make claims, why should a CBD brand then be able to host reviews that do exactly that – it’s a loophole that is used by brands to make the best of not just lax enforcement on the Government’s part but some have even suggested it’s curtailing ‘free speech’ to not allow the comments. Debatable…

But, we CAN talk about its taste, service from the brand, the makeup of the products i.e. the percentage of CBD and added ingredients. But that’s it. We are tied to the regulations, which are restrictive. But they’re the rules.

So, what about Trustpilot reviews? We’re still happy to take reviews based on Brand | Service | Taste | Delivery | Anything not medical relate| For now, we’d appreciate a star rating on Trustpilot and the reviews will be monitored so we know we’re keeping up with the law.


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