We’re launching a new product…

We have been in the kitchen concocting a new product and we’re pretty sore you’ll like the results. We have been asking questions from our customers and they all had a similar product in mind when we said we wanted to ad to our family or CBD.

Making a new product is something we’re excited to do, though we recognise with our CBD product we cover most of what’s needed. As in, we’re confident you’ll be happy that you can have our quality CBD inserted into your daily life without much problem. Caps, Drops, Salves, you can drop or rub it into your life anytime anywhere, easily.

It’s all getting a bit silly in the CBD product world. There’s a lot of products that we’re not sure they made for the customer… CBD infused pillowcases – say what? CBD Pomade – um… what again? Toothpicks, toilet paper and clothing… that’s just insane but surprisingly real.

Back to what we’re bringing out – it’s not new, it’s not silly, it is useful and it will 100% be made with our attention to detail and quality CBD only. We have your back, promise.


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