Humboldt County votes in a ban for hemp growing.

Humboldt County is synonymous with marijuana. The area of northern California has an almost mythical status in the industry as a spiritual home for the crop and it has been grown there due to the almost perfect climate for decades, illicitly and semi-illicitly, then legally in recent times.

Locals have taken the decision to permanently ban Hemp cultivation of plants below 0.3% THC (as we know CBD plants are all low THC and are cropped for the CBD not the THC content) and the move is one they have taken to protect their, arguably main crop of high THC plants. The problem they saw was nature itself – cross pollination.

As High Times states in the full article (link below) this ban is the almost exact opposite of the federal laws

It’s hard to have outdoors growing when that pesky pollen floats on the wind to the next farm and dilutes the strains is lands on.

This helps to highlight the difference between the medicinal and recreational aspects of the plant in question. CBD is a demonstrably large market but when you’re growing for THC which is a smaller part of the medicinal element, but pretty much all of the recreational side of the industry will we start to see more defined agricultural areas? Will Humboldt’s ban be a way forward for other growing areas and how will they control the local economy? All aspects we’d hope to better understand in the future.

Read all about Humboldt County CBD ban from the Hight Times Article HERE


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