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Horse Pellets Pouch (2lbs) - subscription

$97.00 / month

Naturally occurring CBD in an easy to administer apple flavored pellet. A handy way to give your horse 300 mg a day for 30 days.

Our horse-friendly pellets make it easier than ever to administer CBD to even the largest animals. The apple-flavored formula is perfectly measured to provide 300mg a day for 30 days. Just mix four scoops ( two and two or all at once) a day into your horse’s morning and evening routine, and you’ll see them balanced in no time. *Not available for sale in the UK or the state of California per the CDFA

Product details:

9,000mg broad-spectrum CBD
Made from organically grown hemp
Flavored with tasty Apple
Offering 300mg a day for 30 days
Pelleted for easy administration


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